Help in Goa

Here are a few tips on how you can help the local street and beach animals:

Dogs are territorial animals which means you will usually find them in packs. This can be intimidating, especially when they bark, however throughout the 9 years we have been operating we have never received any reports of dogs attacking humans. If a local stray does bite a human it is usually because it has been tied up and mistreated. They usually crave social interaction and affection from the tourists on the streets and the beaches.

Most of the local stray dogs have small slits on one of their ears – this means they have been sterilised and vaccinated.

Please DO NOT pick up any individual or litters of puppies or kittens and bring them to us, if the mother doesn’t appear to be with them she will most likely be looking for food herself. If her litter is taken away from her this can lead to depression and will affect the milk she is producing. If you see any puppies or kittens that appear to be alone please call us and we will advise!

If you see a dog in discomfort and notice a neat hole in its body (may look like a puncture or a bite) this is usually a maggot wound – please call us immediately as maggots can consume a lot of flesh from within the animal very quickly.

Get in Touch!

If you see an animal in need then please don’t hesitate to give us a call – (+91) 0832 264 4171 / (+91) 966 56 36 264

How You Can Help

Please DO feed the dogs and cats especially at the end of the tourist season when the monsoon is close – if you are eating in a restaurant ask them to parcel any leftovers.

You can now buy bags of Pedigree dog biscuits from shops both in Palolem and Choudi.

A-Z drops are a high intensity nutritional supplement and are great for both young animals and adults, these can be found in pharmacies in the local area.

Throw biscuits not stones! Their favourite are Tiger Biscuits!