Donation & Sponsorship

ARC Goa rely solely on donations from tourists and local fundraising events to keep the shelter running. We are always in need of bedding, old towels, sheets, pillows and clothes along with any other unwanted items that we can sell on to raise funds for the shelter. We always welcome new fundraising ideas and initiatives, or if you would like to organise a fundraising event please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We welcome new volunteers to the shelter on a regular basis – if you’re planning on visiting South Goa or already in the local area you can either drop by to speak to us about helping out or call or email us! If you wanted to help out but are based oversees, we allow sponsorships for all of our house pets – you can sponsor a pet on a yearly basis for only £100 a year which is approximately £8 a month.

Where donations go…

  • One months salary for medic 7,500 rs (approx £100)
  • One months salary for kennel worker 4,500 rs (approx £60)
  • Sponsoring a dog for one year £100 (approx £8 a month)
  • Dog biscuits – a big bag is about 1,200 rs (£15) and is considered a luxury. We need at least 2 bags a month just to give dogs a handful each morning! Cat biscuits are even more expensive so rely on these being donated.
  • Rabies vaccination £1.50 each
  • Combination vaccine £7 each – only private dogs get this when we are low on funds. It protects against 7 common illnesses which puppies are particularly prone to like parvo and distemper. This is really crucial because if we don’t give it to animals in the centre and one gets sick, they all do.
  • Sterilizing an animal 1,500 rs (approx £20) plus travel if we have to take to the vet. The vet won’t come to the shelter unless it is to treat 10 animals or more.
  • We can’t buy meat waste as we did before – the new centre is near a temple, so no beef and no pork. We have to buy chicken, which is more expensive (approx £100 a month at the moment)
  • We buy fish and milk every day, £3 a day, £21 a week, £85 a month.
  • Petrol costs and van maintenance plus general shopping (cleaning products etc)
  • Vet visit 1,500rs £20 plus travel and medicine costs
  • Our own medical bills vary from month to month but approx 3000-4000rs (£45-£60)
  • All animals generally sleep on then floor or in a cage with one layer of newspaper, unless we have donated blankets/towels etc (we buy used newspapers 4 rs per kg) about £8 a month.


Animals we have helped

This adorable puppy is still at the centre and looking for a home. She was found in a local restaurant and the owners were going to get rid of her so we took her in. We're surprised she's not been adopted yet but unfortunately male dogs are preferred as pets.

Choti was shot in the eye. We tried to save the eye but unfortunately he had to have it removed by our vetinary nurse. He now has a happy home with his adoptive owner Stephanie.

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